Planning Meetings

This page provides information on the planning meetings ARWC has completed. Links to the notes follow the highlights.

Planning Meeting Highlights

Highlights from initial ARWC Planning Meetings and ongoing Working Group Meetings.

Basin-Wide Themes

Communication Among Stakeholders
Provide a system that allows participants to connect with each other and with other stakeholders. A listserv was suggested as a solution and participants agreed.

Support partnership development: Connect potential project partners.

Stakeholder Support for Projects
Help to develop local and broad-based stakeholder support for projects.

Share information across the basin, such as data and successful project models.

Human capacity to focus on watershed projects and local collaborative development.

Funding Sources
Support identifying funding sources.

Planning Meeting Notes

Each set of planning meeting notes in the following links include Main Topics and the Meeting Notes, which provide a complete summary of the meeting.

Lower Ark Water Quality Work Group Meetings July- Dec. 2017

Lower_ Water_Quality_Work Group Mtg. Notes 7.7.2017

Lower_Ark_Water_Quality_Work_Group_Mtg_ Notes 8.18.2017

LARKWQWG Mtg._Notes_10.18.2017

LARWQWG Mtg. Notes 12.1.2017

Pueblo Meeting October 28, 2015

10.28.2015 ARWC Pueblo Meeting Main Topics

10.28.2015 ARWC Pueblo Meeting Notes

Salida Meeting December 3, 2015

12-3-2015 ARWC Salida Meeting Main Topics

12-03-2015 ARWC Salida Meeting Notes

La Junta Meeting December 16, 2015

12-16-15 La Junta ARWC Meeting Main Topics

12-16-15 La Junta ARWC Meeting Notes

Walsenburg Meeting February 5, 2016

02-05-16 ARWC Walsenburg Meeting Main Topics

02-05-16 ARWC Walsenburg Meeting Notes

Colorado Springs Working Group Meeting, May 19, 2017

Arkansas River Watershed Collaborative